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We are happy to announce The PEO Challenge for everyone that wants to share their success story with the world. Over the years Prof. Peskin has received countless correspondence from his legion of devoted followers, but we did not have a format to document and catalogue all of the wonderful stories. Until now! Effective immediately, we have dedicated a section of this web site to chronicle your journey in health improvement.


Please fill-out and email the form below with your optional before and after pictures for inclusion in the PEO Challenge section. Our hope is that your story (and that of many others) will encourage those looking for "a bit of a push" to improve their health and well being.


All submissions to the PEO Challenge will become the property of Pinnacle Press and will be used on this website, as well as in other publications by Pinnacle Press ONLY.

Full Name:
Email Address:
Please describe any details that you hope will improve by taking the PEO Challenge: