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Start the New Year with PEOs! Our group is a long term meditation group in New Jersey of 18 people using the oils. Feedback:
• Brown spots around middle disappearing.  -SD  
• Muscle and joint discomfort gone.  -DH  
• Moles in between the breast seem to be shrinking. -VB   
• Hair is growing more than ever. -JR 
• Skin is less dry. -PB   
• No more belly fat; no more cellulite with good looking legs. -LR   
• Steady weight loss; skin less dry and itchy; skin tags on belly disappeared.  -EB  
• Weight loss; fingertips were cracked and dry even in summer - now much improved; overall skin less dry; joint pain lessened. -JAR  
• Feel full/satisfied after I eat, which never used to happen, no matter how much I ate. This is especially the case if I have the oils with the meal.  Also, I can get away with eating less protein in a given meal than I used to, if I have the oil with that meal. My hair has become shinier and grows faster, and my fingernails are stronger. -JH  
• Arthritis improved dramatically in a couple of weeks.  -SS   
• Don't get hungry very often since taking the oils. -JM    
• Improved energy and stabilized blood sugar from the oils. Felt lethargic and even a little physically unstable when ran out of the oils for several days.  -MWL   
• Fingertips were dry and cracked and they healed quite nicely this summer when taking the oils. -EB


1)  More healthy eliminations. 

2)  Smoother and more supple skin texture all over the body; especially noticeable in winter is less flaky dry skin on legs (given the outdoor work and exposure to the elements that I experience, this is remarkable).  

3)  After increased hair loss over several months, within two to three weeks hair texture changed, hair loss lessened to a normal amount, overall fullness of the tresses improved, and hair became more shiny.  

4)  Craving appetites lessened.

5)  Overall energy and vitality increased noticeably.  

6)  Interrupted sleep, due to need for urination, decreased from 2-3 times per night to once or no times at all within a week - 10 days of use.  





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